Guns and Zombies


Next-gen multiplayer VR

Fighting zombies in VR is not new. Multiplayer zombie-shooters and co-located gameplay can be awesome experiences, but they generally require expensive, heavy, backpack-computers, costly sensors and tracking systems, and dedicated spaces.

No more. GunsAndZombies runs on HoloJumpVR; a system developed by WeMakeVR. Portable hardware, wireless headsets, and our game. A completely mobile system that turns any indoor space into a virtual holodeck.

You can book the game package for at your office during the Friday afternoon drinks, at your gym, or conference and fight the zombies together.

Any space

Can be set up in any indoor space. No cables, no sensors.


No more isolated VR. With the HoloJumpVR system, you play the game together with others in the room.


Share the adventure with up to 6 people at the same time.


One bag fits all the needed accessories to set up and play the game.

Face challenges with your friends and colleagues.
Test your team skills and your aim.

*Gameplay was recorded on Oculus Quest, which causes visual imperfections such as compression artifacts. These are not present in the VR-headset during gameplay.


To run GunsAndZombies smoothly on multiple devices at the same time, WeMakeVR developed the HoloJumpVR system. It’s designed to track multiple physical players in the same space and synchronize the data with their in-game avatars. It is one of the first shared room multiplayer solutions for the Oculus Quest.

With HoloJumpVR, we can bring multi-user experiences to an office, gym, or event venue and turn the space into a virtual, multiplayer holodeck.

GunsAndZombies is the first title released on HoloJumpVR with more to follow. Upcoming titles are already in development, including non-gaming content such as multi-user training and educational experiences.

Franchise package

Interested in starting your own pop-up VR business? No office space, big investment or a lot of technical know-how needed. We offer a complete package including equipment to kickstart your portable pop-up VR business.

Arcades package

Do you already have an arcade or  space to make one? We have a special offer for you too. Upgrade your VR arcade with the next-gen multiplayer VR system!

Curious how this could work for you? Contact us to request an info deck with all the options and pricing.

We are happy to answer all your questions!